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Our mission

For our customers

Our mission is to provide our customers with green tea that's healthier and better-tasting than other teas because of our growers' commitment to quality and to environmentally responsible farming practices.


Tea grove

Tea cup


For our artisans

Our mission is to provide independent, family-owned and -operated growers in Japan with the means to supply their tea to green tea aficionados outside of their traditional geographic base. In other words, Mellow MonkŪ functions like a virtual co-op for our grower–artisans.

For our environment

Independent artisans not only make excellent tea; they make excellent stewards of the land. By establishing long-term, face-to-face relationships with family-owned and -operated artisans who are certified eco-friendly, Mellow Monk® pursues its mission of promoting responsible, sustainable environmental stewardship. Mellow Monk also contributes to Kiva to help promote family-based agriculture.


Brewed tea in a cup



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